Congratulations to the winners of the Tabletop Gaming Magazine Awards

28 September 2020
We picked some of our favourite games of the year

In lieu of any kind of pomp and circumstance, we sat down and ran off a few of our favourite games that have come to our attention since last year's show.

In most cases, as you will soon be able to tell, we decided on the game and then chose what the award was. It's a casual series of shout-outs to games that made us happy.

But for now, here are the winners:

The Most Argument Inducing Game


For one of us, a favourite game, for the other, not enough fun - we've argued over this one enough times to crown it the winner!


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The Best Way to Die in an RPG

The "Swedish art punk horror metal RPG".

The Best Game to Pitch and Play with your Gran

"Hark back" to those days, this is a great one for Grans everywhere to learn to play!

The Game that Made us Feel Middle-Young Again

Firstly you'll need to define Middle-Young, but once you do, this is the game that will make you feel it. 

Weirdest/Best Accessory in a Board Game

Admittedly, close between this game, and Iello's Super Fly, but the Tower of Power Crown just edged forward to victory! This crown is wonderful and great fun, making Barking Kittens the winner. You can see what it looks like on our TikTok!

The Best Competitive Action Game

The sheer joy of catapulting untied knots at your fellow players crowns this the best competitive action game. Take a quick look at this in our Top Five Weird Games, or an even quicker one on our Instagram!

The Captain Jack Sparrow Award

One thing noted about pirate games is that it's generally a race - are they always in a hurry? This one is, in Corsairs of Valeria, winning the Captain Jack Sparrow award. 

The Best Family-ish Games with Horror Elements

How specific can you be with an award? Turns out, this one wasn't as specific as we though, as we include a runner up! Winning outright though is Horrified. 

The Best Reason To Go to The Library but Not

There may be no other games in this category, but that undoubtedly makes Dig Deeper the winner of The Best Reason To Go To The Library But Not!

The Best Gardening Game

There was competition for this, as it's been a year for fabulous gardening games! After review, Ishtar wins the Best Gardening Game.

The Best Dry Erase Markers

This is a hotly anticipated award (of course), and the winner is the multi-roll-and-write-but-it's-a-flick-and-write Sonora!

The Best Use of the Box as the Board

Flyin Goblin, when set up, uses the WHOLE box to run your game. There's some great fun to be had in sending those goblins flying, and you can take a quick look at what we mean on Instagram!


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