Condottiere gets a fresh edition, with modern and classic rules in the same small box

12 June 2018
condottiere-51373.jpg Condottiere
New two-player variant, too

Bidding and bluffing favourite Condottiere is getting an overhauled new edition later this year, which will pack even more into the big game’s compact box.

It’ll be the first major update for Dominique Ehrhard’s 1995 Spiel des Jahres Recommended game of jostling for control of 13th-century Italy in over a decade, led this time around by studio Z-Man.

The new edition will include both the modern ruleset and the oft-preferred classic way of playing. The game’s lesser two-player mode has been revisited with a variant that Z-Man optimistically describes as “clever”, although how exactly it will function isn’t yet clear.

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The basics, however, will remain the same, as players attempt to take control of three adjacent regions (or five altogether) by revealing cards from their hands – adding additional strength and modifying the totals with various abilities.

Condottiere is known for squeezing a lot of fun and strategy out of not a lot, although the upcoming edition will enlarge the central board – expect it to still be a travel-friendly set, though.

Returning to illustrate the map and cards is Tomasz Jedruszek, the artist behind the 2007 edition. As well as being visually refreshed, the graphic design has been tweaked to make the gameplay even smoother, with added reminder icons on the special cards.

The new Condottiere should be out later this year, although a specific release date is yet to be announced. We do have a price though: $30 (£22), which is $10 (£7) more than the original.


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