Conan RPG and World War Cthulhu writer to head up RuneQuest development

27 March 2017
officephoto-1--90412.jpg Jason Durall
Jason Durall joined Chaosium’s team for the seminal roleplaying game last summer

Veteran RPG author Jason Durall is to lead the development of Chaosium’s RuneQuest as the new line editor for the long-running roleplaying series.

Durall joined the RuneQuest design team last summer, helping to refine the upcoming new edition of the RPG’s core rules ahead of its launch in August.

Chaosium added that Durall’s “role will encompass development of new titles for the RuneQuest line, updating existing titles, and working [with] freelance writers and artists”.

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Durall helped create the Conan RPG as lead writer at Modiphius, with other credits including World War Cthulhu, The Laundry Files and a previous collaboration with Chaosium on the Basic Roleplaying Big Gold Book.

"We are extremely excited to be working with Jason on developing the RuneQuest and other Basic Roleplaying Lines," Chaosium’s creative director Jeff Richard said in the announcement.

"Jason is one of the most talented designers, editors, and writers I know – a true professional in the industry."


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