Comic Relief Plays D&D Episode Two Coming Soon

19 November 2020
Roll for laughing

It was some months ago now, that an epic Dungeons & Dragons-play through took place with a number of comedians in aid of Comic Relief. It featured Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Sara Pascoe, and Ed Gamble with Paul Foxcroft as DM, and what began as a 'normal' (should there be such a thing) game of D&D descended into a Tiger King-themed epic battle, raising an impressive £25,100 for Comic Relief. 

The good news is that it's back for a whole new episode! This time, you'll find Phil Wang, Lou Sanders, Sally Phillips, and James Acaster, once again DM'd by Paul Foxcroft. If you saw the first episode, you'll know James Acaster made a surprise appearance in it, where now it's his turn to play!

A donation means you'll be able to vote on something to occur or appear during the campaign - from which potent magic item they may discover, including, for example, the Wand of Chaos, a magical item with random effects, or a Canvas bag oof Off Brand Potions guaranteed to have no guarantee, or which creature the final confrontation will include, from a malevolent Christmas tree to a gingerbread dragon, to Ruprecht, an evil reindeer with a blood-red nose (because of the blood). 

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Funds received for Comic Relief will support charities and vulnerable people dealing with the pandemic, both in the UK and internationally.

You can donate to the cause on its Tiltify page, and tune in to see the hilarious chaos in all its glory on 4th December 2020 at 7:30PM GMT.




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