Codenames Gets The Simpsons Treatment

10 October 2019
Mmmm… Codenames

The endlessly popular do-you-know-what-I-mean game, Codenames is introducing us to the USA’s true first family, The Simpsons.


Favourites like Ned Flanders, Moe and Milhouse all make appearances in this Springfield-based outing as well as less well-known characters from the long-running series. As always with Codenames your team attempts to pick the correct words and pictures from a shared pool of cards, with the help from the Spymaster who can place clue to cards. Picking the assassin card however will lead your team to, indeed, have a cow, man.


The Simpsons edition of Codenames comes with:

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  • 200 Springfield cards
  • 40 Key cards
  • 25 Cover cards
  • Card stands
  • Instructions


The game is only slated for US release at the time of writing, but with other versions of Codenames (Disney and Marvel flavours) making their way to the shores of Blighty we are sure this can’t be far behind.


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