Co-op fantasy hit Myth returns with standalone follow-up Dark Frontier

06 January 2017
afc1ff9f26264f72d40d603b907239fa_original-78369.jpg Myth: Dark Frontier
Designed by Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game and Walking Dead: No Sanctuary creators Adam and Brady Sadler

A few years ago, a Kickstarted fantasy game called Myth raised close to a million dollars on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

A co-op adventure title, Myth quickly proved a hit and was followed up by ‘Journeyman’ expansions, Blackwall Warrens and Shores of Kanis, a couple of years later, which again raised close to a million dollars.

Now, publisher Mercs Miniatures has come back to Kickstarter with a follow-up to the popular game, Dark Frontier – and it looks like it will repeat the success of its predecessors.

A standalone release, Dark Frontier casts up to four players as heroes attempting to protect the city of Farrenroc from the encroaching forces of darkness, travelling around the world and battling the evil army.

Farrenroc’s degradation is tracked with ten models that initially slot together and can be broken up later to show its potential downfall as the darkness destroys the city.

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Although Dark Frontier doesn’t require the original Myth to play, the miniatures from the first game can be used in the title.

Dark Frontier has been designed by Adam and Brady Sadler, who previously created Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game and Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, as well as contributing to some major heavy-hitters such as Mansions of Madness and X-Wing.

In a nice change from many Kickstarter campaigns, only two pledge levels are on offer. $50 (£40) will get you the base game and Kickstarter-exclusive hero cards, while $100 (£81) adds all of the achieved stretch goals, the Swordsworn hero and the upcoming Agents & Allies expansion (neither of these include shipping, which will be calculated when the campaign finishes).

Dark Frontier smashed its $50,000 (£40,371) target in under 24 hours and is now fast approaching $75,000 (£60,557), with almost a month left to run. The campaign closes on January 30th.


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