CMON teams up with special guest artists for new Zombicide: Black Plague survivor packs

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23 September 2016
ZC_BP---September-Releases---StoryImage-40954.jpg The packs include four new survivors
Adrian Smith, Paolo Parente and the Jovem Nerd blog add new four characters each

Cool Mini or Not has announced a new wave of releases for Zombicide: Black Plague, including three Special Guest Artist packs.

Each of the packs includes four new survivors designed by the artist in question.

The pack from fantasy illustrator Adrian Smith includes characters outfitted with a host of unique weapons and dressed in the bones of previously vanquished enemies. (Don’t expect that down the Paris catwalks anytime soon.)

Meanwhile, Paolo Parente, the Italian artist behind the world of Anastyr, has gone for a more ‘tribal feel’, with furs and brutal weapons the order of the day.

The final pack is inspired by popular Brazilian blog Jovem Nerd, which hosts a continuing RPG narrative on their podcast entitled The Chronicles of Ruff Ghanor. The story, which has also been published as a book, is reflected in the design of the Jovem Nerd Special Guest Artist pack, which includes four characters from the Ruff Ghanor world, including the title character.

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The packs are available from today (September 23rd), with the Jovem Nerd add-on said to be limited edition.

CMON has also released a new set of 21 undead armed with ranged weapons in the Deadeye Walkers pack, as well as a 3D Doors collection to replace the cardboard doors in the base game with 27 models. There’s also a Plastic Tokens pack to upgrade the standard pieces in the original release.

To finish, the Zombicide Compendium #2 book includes 65 missions from the first three seasons of the game, as well as six expansions, such as Lost Survivors and Zombie Dogs.


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