CMON is making Rising Sun, Zombicide and HATE Kickstarter-exclusive extras available again as part of yet another Kickstarter

24 September 2019
rising-sun-ks-extras-31724.png Kickstarter-exclusive extras from Rising Sun's campaign
Plus new soundtracks and digital art books

Zombicide, Blood Rage and Cthulhu: Death May Die publisher CMON is bringing back some of the Kickstarter-exclusive extras from its past crowdfunding campaigns for games. How? Why, as part of another Kickstarter campaign, of course.

The mega-publisher has run almost 40 Kickstarter campaigns since it raised nearly $800,000 for the first Zombicide in 2012, including some of the highest-funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time for Zombicide: Green Horde ($5m raised), Rising Sun ($4.2m raised) and Zombicide: Black Plague ($4m raised).

Many of CMON’s campaigns have offered add-ons and extras only available for backers of the games’ Kickstarters, such as exclusive expansions, accessories and other varied game content.

It’s something that has often divided opinion among players, leading to accusations of content being held back from the retail releases of games and frustration over the limited availability of extras after the games come out, as Kickstarter-exclusive items and special editions fetch exorbitant prices online.

CMON plans to make some of its past Kickstarter-exclusive extras available again as part of a new initiative called CMON Time Machine.

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The publisher has announced plans to launch a new Kickstarter campaign that will give players a second shot at getting Kickstarter-exclusive add-ons and extras from previous campaigns for its games, as well as adding brand new extras for some of the games.

The new extras include official soundtracks and digital art books for Rising Sun, Zombicide: Green Horde (which will also include artwork from Zombicide: Black Plague) and HATE. Rising Sun and HATE art books were previously available as part of the games’ Kickstarters, but this will be the first time they’re offered in a digital version.

Kickstarter-exclusive extras from the three games’ past campaigns will be part of the new campaign, alongside “extremely limited quantities of extras” from the campaigns for games including Arcadia Quest, The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch and Blood Rage.

The CMON Time Machine Kickstarter is slated to go live next week.


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