Cigar Box Battle releases circular terrain mats for wargaming on patio and pub tables

23 February 2017
CBBM_promo_MixedGround3-09329.jpg Circular mat
Washable surfaces measure 60 inches in diameter

Wargaming mat outlet Cigar Box Battle has revealed a new line of circular terrain surfaces.

It’s a concept we haven’t often seen before, but it’s one that makes sense, helping deal with the awkward remainder of rectangular mats sometimes left over when playing on round tables – such as those found in pubs, on patios or even some dining rooms.

The terry cloth mats measure 60 inches in diameter and are said to have a more towel-like texture than Cigar Box Battle’s regular surfaces. They can be washed – ideal for spilled drinks or food splatters picked up during use in messier environments.

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11 of the company’s existing designs, including grassland, desert, winter, water and space environments, can be ordered in the circular format, costing the same as the standard-sized variations – around $60 (£48), plus shipping to the UK.

Check the circular mats out over on Cigar Box Battle’s online store.


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