Catan’s Legend of the Sea Robbers will add a campaign mode to the tabletop classic

22 February 2017
650x650_346abe1c25cf5b9a2919df5993a88f774533eee43b72ecdc59308eb6-69255.jpg Legend of the Sea Robbers
Four chapters based on Seafarers expansion included in box

Settlers of Catan (that’s just Catan for you young whippersnappers) is getting its own chapter-based story mode with the introduction of upcoming expansion Legend of the Sea Robbers.

Revealed at New York Toy Fair, the add-on is based on the existing Seafarers expansion (which means you’ll need both the original Catan and Seafarers to play) and takes place over four connected chapters with an ongoing story.

The narrative will revolve around the titular settlers venturing out onto the waves and coming across the nautical thieves and is said to feel “very different” in terms of gameplay, according to publisher Asmodee. (Thanks, ICv2.)

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It’s been designed by Catan masterminds Klaus and Benjamin Teuber and will be out this autumn.

Image via ICv2


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