Castles of Burgundy designer Stefan Feld to cast a new tabletop spell with upcoming game Merlin

10 July 2017
DEIOY01XcAA4yTK-22140.jpg Merlin
First pictures show lots of dice and round central board

The first details of the next game from acclaimed designer Stefan Feld have begun to creep out.

Merlin looks to be in the same vein as many of the Castles of Burgundy, Trajan, Bora Bora and Bruges creator’s past works, with a healthy pool of dice, wooden pawns and tokens, and a striking round central board.

Little is known about the gameplay, with the few pictures revealing a host of components and different boards with little context to explain their use in the game, but it does appear that the title is going along with the Arthurian connotations of its magical moniker.

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Merlin will be released by Queen Games at this year’s Essen games show in October. Further details will be revealed at Gen Con next month.


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