Castle TriCon Returns This Weekend!

22 February 2021
The 3D tabletop gaming experience returns this weekend

You may have seen Castle TriCon last year, when they took an innovative approach to the lack of tabletop conventions, by creating a whole new 3D experience to allow players to get the feel of a convention from the comfort of their home. Whether you loved every second of it, or you missed it first time around, it's back! 

The Castle TriCon Spring Edition will take place between 26th-27th February 2021, letting you connect with friends and play games by HeidelBÄR Games, Czech Games Edition, and Horrible Guild. Tickets are completely free, and you can pick them up over on the Castle Tricon site. The event will be open 11am–7pm EST, or 4pm- Midnight GMT.

The experience differs from many online conventions, as it has you use an avatar to negotiate a world, rather than linking directly to specific videos. This is reminiscent both of video games, but also and importantly, walking around a convention hall and stumbling across something new. 

The software has been further developed from the first event, and so there's everything from last time - only better, they say. It's available to see on computers only, however, so you won't be able to pick it up from your phone. 

Considering this will include games from Lost Ruins of Arnack, to Spicy, to Under Falling Skies and more, this is an opportunity to take a virtual you around the many stands, offering you chances to see the game, play throughs, designers, and importantly, each other. Exploring is half the fun, so hopefully you'll find your next favourite.

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