Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Catan, Galaxy Trucker and more are in the latest mobile Humble Bundle

08 November 2016
Screen-Shot-2016-11-08-at-09.22.28-69774.png Ticket to Ride is included in the bundle
£4 nabs digital versions of all of the games for Android

Humble Bundle’s latest mobile collection is all about board games, and it’s a fine selection indeed.

As this story goes live, you’ll have around two weeks to grab digital copies of Carcassonne, Scotland Yard, Ticket to Ride, San Juan (the card game spin-off to Puerto Rico), Vlaada Chvátil’s Galaxy Trucker, Splendor, Catan, The aMAZEing Labyrinth and some currently unannounced titles for Android.

According to Humble, the games normally cost $54 in total separately, but you can pick all of them up for $5 (just over £4) as part of this promotion.

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Dropping to $3 (£2.50) loses you Splendor, Catan and aMAZEing Labyrinth, and for $1 (80p) you’ll get just Carcassonne and Scotland Yard – but, to be honest, for the sake of a pound or two you might as well go for the whole set, especially as a portion of the money (or all of it, if you choose) goes to charity.

All of the games are DRM free, and can be gifted to your friends if you’re feeling generous or own an iPhone rather than an Android device.

Personally, the digital version of Ticket to Ride is one of our favourite mobile ports – we have hundreds of hours logged – and we’ve heard very positive things about many of the other titles’ virtual editions.

You have until Monday November 21st to grab the bundle. Go, go, go!


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