Carcassonne is headed to the Nintendo Switch, with more Asmodee games on the way

06 June 2018
ss_a920ab02872a8032f781632f0179801612f34f00.1920x1080-51562.jpg Carcassonne on PC
Follows recent 3D makeover of tile-laying favourite on PC and mobile

Forget Mario and get ready for meeples: Carcassonne is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

We’re sure we don’t need to introduce Klaus-Jürgen Wrede’s ridiculously popular tile-laying Spiel des Jahres winner again but, just in case, here’s the basics: players take turns placing tiles to build an expanding landscape, claiming roads, cities, fields and more with meeples to earn victory points.

The smash-hit gateway game has had dozens of expansions since it debuted in 2000, making its way to PC and mobile a few years ago. Its original digital edition was recently overhauled with a new 3D version last year, featuring multiplayer modes and a selection of the game’s expansions as DLC.

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It’ll be this refreshed version of the game that will arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld and home video game console this winter, VentureBeat reports, although specific details on what the Switch release will include are yet to be confirmed.

Studio Asmodee Digital has said that Carcassonne will be just the first of its tabletop games to be brought over to the Switch, though, with “many” planned to follow in the future. Again, there’s no word on what those games could be, or when we’ll see them.

It’s good news for tabletop-loving Switch owners, though – the most prominent board game to have made its way to the console so far is a digital version of Monopoly, which has received mixed reviews due to its lengthy loading times and wonky technical aspects. Would it be too much to ask for Terraforming Mars or Scythe next?


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