Captain Sonar’s first expansion will add new maps and weapons

12 January 2017
C1-iGg0WEAArqyi-72543.jpg Captain Sonar: Upgrade One
Upgrade One is out later this year

Co-op party hit Captain Sonar is getting its first expansion later this year, including new environments and armaments.

We really enjoyed our time with the game – which sees two teams of up to four attempt to blast their rival submarine out of the sea – a lot, calling it a “lightweight blast and the ideal thing to bring out at a party” – a feeling that a few extra matches over the Christmas break has reinforced.

Designer Roberto Fraga took to Twitter to announce that Captain Sonar’s first expansion, which appears to be called Upgrade One, will introduce five new maps and six extra weapons, and tease some new artwork for the add-on.

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Fraga seemed to suggest that the new weapons would all be environmentally-based, activated by filling the scenario gauge on the existing First Mate player mat, rather than coming on a separate mat.

Captain Sonar: Upgrade One is due for release sometime in 2017.


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