Captain Sonar designer's Princess Jing is a bluffing game 18 years in the making inspired by a Michael Jackson music video

07 March 2017
pic3443532_lg-83324.jpg Princess Jing
Bluffing game involves moving a hidden princess across a board full of columns, while trying to catch a rival princess with a real-life mirror

Captain Sonar co-designer Roberto Fraga has revealed his latest game, a project in gestation for almost two decades that was originally inspired by a Michael Jackson music video.

Princess Jing is a game of bluffing for two players, where each player is attempting to get their princess to cross a Chinese palace and meet their lover at the opposite edge.

To move the princess, each player swaps a pair of the 15 columns arranged on the board and behind which the princess can hide – but can choose to swap empty columns to mislead their opponent.

There’s also an additional mirror character – equipped with a real mirror – who can be used to try and spot the rival princess and capture her, sending her back to the beginning of the board.

A third character is dressed in a similar outfit to the princess, and can be used to confuse your rival when they utilise the mirror.

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Fraga told BoardGameGeek that the game has been in the works for 18 years and added that the original idea for the use of columns came from a Michael Jackson video – but failed to clarify which song he meant.

One possible candidate is the 18-minute-long Martin Scorsese-directed video for Bad, which shows Jackson and his gang hiding behind a column at around 7:40.


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