Can’t stop buying books? Ex Libris is the board game for you

06 June 2017
pic3578008-53451.png Ex Libris
Players score points for alphabetical sorting, shelf variety and stability, and including prominent works as they battle to prove their library is the best

Everybody has at least a few books on their shelf that they bought and have never read. If you’re like me, it’s more likely to be a teetering stack of shame that you promise you’ll get through one day and knock out a couple of volumes in the pile every now and then – only to pick up four more the next time you pass a charity shop or Waterstones.

If that’s the case, Ex Libris may well satiate your obsession with collecting dusty old tomes.

The upcoming board game sees players take on the role of book obsessives battling to prove their collection is the finest in the fantasy land and take on the role of grand librarian in the village council.

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To do so, you’ll need to send your assistants scouting around the village for the best books to add to your shelves, particularly hunting down those that align with your secret focus.

When the mayor’s inspector visits, points will be earned for alphabetical sorting, the variety and prestige of works, and the stability of your heaving shelves. You can also choose to expand up your library with banned books – but they could get you in trouble if they’re discovered.

As it’s a fantasy world, there’s the chance to employ a little bit of magic, too.

Ex Libris takes around 45 minutes to play with two to four players and is due out this autumn.


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