Burgle Bros creator bringing animal civil war video game Tooth & Tail to the tabletop

27 July 2017
CwV8f6tUAAAbSKX-84452.jpg Tooth & Tail
Tim Fowers’ acclaimed co-op heist game began life as an adaptation of Pocketwatch Games’ video game Monaco

Burgle Bros, Paperback and Fugitive creator Tim Fowers is working on an adaptation of upcoming PC and PS4 video game Tooth & Tail.

Although details on the planned board game remain sparse – the only hint is that it will involve real-time strategy – Fowers has an interesting past relationship with developer Pocketwatch Games.

The indie studio made its name with co-op heist game Monaco back in 2013, which Fowers suggested could be made into a board game version.

According to Pocketwatch, the team was “perhaps a bit too protective about the world of Monaco” at the time and ultimately passed on the project.

Fowers continued to work on the game without the Monaco licence attached, and ended up releasing it as his acclaimed co-operative robbery game Burgle Bros in 2015, which itself spawned head-to-head two-player spin-off Fugitive earlier this year.

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This time around, Pocketwatch is jumping on the opportunity early, opening up the world and characters of Tooth & Tail for Fowers to use on the tabletop.

Tooth & Tail follows armies of anthropomorphised animals as they fight a revolutionary civil war, with creatures able to kill and eat their prey while wielding guns, grenades, chemical weapons and more.

The real-time strategy game includes procedurally-generated environments and customisable forces as players showdown in reasonably quick skirmishes that last under 15 minutes – elements that may make their way to the analogue adaptation.

The video game is out on PC and PS4 this September, while the board game has no given release date yet.

“For those of you who follow Tim’s games, you know that a Tooth & Tail board game is bound to be great,” Pocketwatch wrote in its announcement.

“Tim is well known for having full control over his games’ production, as well as his complex takes on simple designs. If that sounds similar to Pocketwatch Games, well, it’s no surprise that we eventually found a way to work together!”


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