Burgle Bros and Paperback creator returns with a chaotic co-op game about running an airline

01 September 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-09-01-at-10.57.15-54224.png Now Boarding
Tim Fowers’ Now Boarding based on a decade-old video game

Tim Fowers, the designer of Burgle Bros, Paperback and Fugitive, is back with a brand new game.

Well, it’s not completely new; Now Boarding is an adaptation of a video game developed by Fowers and Tom Mason ten years ago about managing an airline.

While the original PC game – which is still available to download and play – was single-player, Fowers’ tabletop version introduces co-operative multiplayer into the mix.

Players each control an airplane, which they must jet across the globe to pick up and deliver passengers, dealing with the weather and ire of customers as they go.

What makes the setup particularly tense is that each round is limited to 30 seconds, with players taking their turns simultaneously. New passengers will appear at the beginning of each round, resulting in a manic race against time to get travellers to their destination.

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Now Boarding has been illustrated by frequent Fowers collaborator Ryan Goldsberry, who previously contributed to the fantastic art of Burgle Bros and its spin-off Fugitive, as well as word game pair Paperback and Hardback.

Now Boarding is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter ahead of a planned release next February. The box is $32 (£25), plus $6 (£5) postage to the UK.

Fowers has already raised more than triple his original goal of $20,000, with the campaign set to run until September 19th.


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