Build your own palace in tile-layer Castles of Caladale next February

03 November 2016
1387597513-82741.jpg Castles of Caladale was previously known as Castles of Caragaba
Renegade publishing David Wilkinson’s castle construction title

Put away that four-poster bed, halt that hog roast and burn your Burger King crown, because Renegade has an easier way to pretend you’re living in the height of medieval decadence.

The publisher has announced Castles of Caladale, a tile-laying title designed by David Wilkinson formerly known as Castles of Caragaba that sees up to four players compete to build the grandest palace around in a world where the mighty buildings have been deconstructed by magic or errant Ikea builders or something.

Illustrated by Eric Koehler, who previously worked on card game Burble, Castles of Caladale includes 80 castle tiles, four grass tiles, a double-sided game board and four character standees for the wizard, wizard's apprentice, gnome and fairy.

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A round takes about half an hour, although solo and speed variant rules are also included.

Castles of Caladale is due out on February 15th next year. A price is yet to be confirmed.


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