Bucket of Doom studio Big Potato is putting out a £200 chest packed with all of its party games

06 October 2017
bigslider-christmas-10356.jpg Big Potato Games Chest
Games Chest includes ten titles, from Obama Llama to this year’s The Chameleon

UK publisher Big Potato has made a name for itself over the last few years with its series of well-produced party games, including the recent social deduction hit from Coup creator Rikki Tahta, The Chameleon (which we liked very much), and TV show spin-off First Dates: The Game (which we liked… less).

If you’ve missed out on any of the indie studio’s games, there’s now a quick way to catch up, in the form of the Big Potato Games Chest, which packs the outlet’s entire library of games into a £189 wooden box coming out later this month.

The collection spans from 2014’s Bucket of Doom to this year’s The Chameleon, First Dates and Colourbrain, with meme-ish celebrity rhyming game Obama Llama, trivia title Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout, wordy quiz combination Qwordie, simple spot-the-difference race Rainbow Rage, five-in-a-row matcher OK Play and the Telestrations-like Scrawl in the middle.

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If you’re really going all-out, you can also get a message added to the top of the chest for £25. At least the postage is free.

Oh, you’ll also get a plush potato thrown in. Bargain!


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