BRISTOL Board Gaming Table - A Revolution Coming to Kickstarter!

09 April 2021
Geeknson, an UK based company known for their high quality board game tables, is launching a new Kickstarter project this month. BRISTOL Board Gaming Table includes tons of new features and accessories useful for all sorts of board game and RPG players.
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April 14th will mark the launch of the newest campaign by Geeknson and according to their team: it’s going to revolutionise the way 7 people play games. The campaign will introduce a brand new family of tables with varied shapes and sizes, all created with new Pro Accessories and features in mind. BRISTOL Board Gaming Tables will be crafted from sturdy oaken hardwood and backers will be able to customise them in a variety of ways.



What’s New in BRISTOL Board Gaming Table

The most unique feature, that’s easily among the main design concepts here, is the presence of magnetic zones. There are four of these, each hidden under a corner of BRISTOL’s inner gaming vault. Thanks to these areas, players can place various add-ons and accessories there and make them much more immobile. Additionally, the new campaign will introduce a whole line of modular, magnet- based Pro Accessories that can be arranged and joined together to create a highly customisable gaming environment.


Pro GM Station is another new addition designed specifically for the BRISTOL Board Gaming Table. This massive accessory is a dream come true for all pen & paper RPG lovers. The GM gets lots of space to hold all components vital for leading the adventure, along a wooden screen and 2 magnet based holders that can host minis, dice as well as the new, oaken dice tower.


Even More Features

In addition to the above, many features known from previous Geeknson gaming tables are making a comeback in new, upgraded versions. This includes Pro Card Rail that allows keeping your hand of cards in front of you.


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BRISTOL Board Gaming Table will also feature an inner gaming vault, covered by a soft inset that makes picking components easier. This area can be covered by wooden leaves, that are now joined together by magnets. Thanks to them, players can 'save' the game and have dinner on the same table without packing the game back into its box. A new solution to store the leaves is also provided. Instead of a separate stand, owners will be able to hide the leaves in a dedicated area below the table.


Other features include a Pro Table Divider allowing for tournament play, wireless chargers in armrest area, remote controlled LED lighting and much, much more.


The Kickstarter Campaign

Geekenson’s newest table will become available on Kickstarter from April 14th. The campaign is planned to last for a month and will offer the tables at much lower prices than in retail. Backers will also be able to get their hands on new accessories, customisation options, chairs, benches and even a shelving made to fit a whole board game collection.


Additionally, Geeknson has launched a pre-campaign giveaway accessible from their new Facebook group. The winner will be able to get an entire BRISTOL Board Gaming Table with tons of add-ons for free.


Check out the official Facebook group here


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