Breaking Bad board game comes a-knocking

17 August 2017
BB_FinalEps-68633.jpg Breaking Bad
Walter White impressions at the ready

In ‘I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already’ news, Breaking Bad is getting a board game spin-off.

Based on the acclaimed TV show, Breaking Bad: The Board Game sees three to five players side with Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White, Los Pollos Hermanos, the Juarez Cartel or Hank and the DEA.

The three criminal factions are aiming to produce and sell the ‘Blue Sky’ meth, protecting their drug empire by selling a certain amount before their rival gangs or by taking all of their opponents out using shootings, bombings and so on.

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The DEA agent will be attempting to take the crooks down by raiding enough labs to stem the flow of drugs, or killing or arresting enough of them to win the one- to two-hour game.

Although its name suggests otherwise, the core action of the game appears to centred around the use of cards, with players drawing and playing cards each turn to build up their forces.

There are few extra details, but you can bet that it’ll be primed for plenty of “I am the one who knocks” and “Board games, bitch!” impressions.

First-time designers Antoine Morfan and Thomas Rofidal are behind the game, which is being published by Spanish outlet Edge Entertainment. There’s no word on a solid release date yet, but it’s slated to appear sometime later this year.


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