Brass creator Martin Wallace heads into the Wildlands with fantasy miniatures board game

16 February 2018
pic3983952-34628.jpg Wildlands
Out later this year

Brass, Steam and A Few Acres of Snow designer Martin Wallace is exploring new territory with his next major project, a miniatures board game called Wildlands.

Described as a pacey tactical combat game for two to four people, Wildlands centres on the conflict between four factions in a fallen fantasy kingdom, each group with a differing play style and asymmetric powers.

Battles take place in a semi-randomised environment on a double-sided board, requiring players to adjust their strategy as they eliminate enemy combatants and scoop up loot to score points.

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Inside the box will be 20 individual figures, including wizards, gnomes, warriors and creatures, modelled by Bobby Jackson and Tim Prow.

It’s the first miniatures board game from Osprey, the studio behind skirmish wargame Frostgrave that put out a beautiful new version of Wallace’s card game London last year.

The publisher has confirmed that it will support Wildlands after release with extra factions, maps and gameplay mechanics – although it’s not yet clear how these will be offered.

Wildlands is due out towards the end of this year.


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