BoxThrone wants to replace Ikea’s Kallax as the king of board game shelves

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22 September 2017
07-75723.jpg BoxThrone
Modular wire shelves headed to Kickstarter next month

For years, Ikea’s square Kallax shelves have been the go-to storage solution of choice for countless gamers. Relatively cheap, solid enough to take the weight of all those Eldritch Horror expansions and simply stylish in that stereotypically Swedish way, they seemed to have it all.

Now, a new company wants to take on the de facto king of gaming storage with its set of shelves aimed specifically at people with a board game collection they want to show off.

BoxThrone consists of a modular column of wire shelves that store game boxes horizontally, with each shelf able to be adjusted to fit up to 95% of games, the startup claims – including big boxes such as Mechs vs Minions and Twilight Imperium: Third Edition, with the shelves able to hold up to 25lbs (11kg).

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Each game is stored on a separate shelf, meaning boxes can be removed without having to disturb the whole stack.

According to its designer, who responded to questions on Reddit, each BoxThrone can store up to a fifth more than a similarly-sized Kallax, with the wire shelves able to connect two of the main frames together for a third column of games between them. In real terms, this means a single BoxThrone can hold around 10 of Fantasy Flight’s typical square boxes.

While BoxThrone’s creators admit that the system won’t be as cheap as Ikea’s infamously modest shelves – “Not close to possible without mega-factories and building furniture out of cardboard.” – they insist that their product “will still be more affordable than any other typical furniture store in that bracket”.

The project launches on Kickstarter next month, and will include versions in a variety of colours.


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