Boss Monster studio Brotherwise's second game will be gorgeous dice-placement title Unearth

17 March 2017
mb2j6WF-97776.jpg Unearth prototype
Follow-up to video game-inspired card game will be out this August

Brotherwise, the publisher behind video game-inspired card game Boss Monster, has revealed its second major project, a dice-placement title called Unearth. And, boy, does it look pretty.

Unearth is the debut design by Jason Hardner and Matthew Ransom, and takes place on Earth far in the future, where up to four players take on the role of tribes exploring the ruins of humanity.

The Delvers, as they’re known in-game, are represented by a selection of five dice: three d6, one d4 and one d8. The dice and rolled and placed to claim ruins (or in the case of low results, stones) and construct wonders as the clans compete for victory points.

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The artwork is by Jesse Riggle and, if the images posted by Brotherwise co-founder Johnny O'Neal are anything to go by, promises to be a visual treat.

Unearth will be out this August and won’t be Kickstarted.

Brotherwise also has plans to launch another Boss Monster expansion, Implements of Destruction, that will add item cards and explorer items to the mini multiplayer expansion Crash Landing.


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