Bombshell Games re-launches Kickstarter for Techno Bowl

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16 September 2016
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Bombshell Games re-launches Kickstarter for Techno Bowl Images

Techno Bowl is back.

Designed to be a tabletop translation of American football video games such as Madden, NFL Blitz and its namesake, Tecmo Bowl, Bombshell Games’ title actually first hit Kickstarter in April of this year.

Its crowdfunding campaign was pulled just four days later having raised more than $11,000 of its $63,000 goal, with creator Brent Spivey saying he “dropped the ball” by failing to include a gameplay video.

“Instead of pushing an unfavourable situation with this campaign, I need to take the next few weeks to regroup and pour my energy into using this data to address these concerns,” he added at the time.

Now, the game has returned to Kickstarter, complete with a snippet of gameplay.

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The game consists of a playmat representing an American football field, as well as cardboard standees for players and other cards and mats.

Players arrange their own formations and plays, before activating their run and rolling 2d6 to judge how well the move goes.

Rules for five different game modes are included, as well as an estimated 525 components with the base game, covering eight teams.

Future stretch goals include an improved playmat, plastic blocks for the players and upgraded card stands.

A digital copy of the game can be nabbed for $10, with a physical box coming in at $49.

Techno Bowl’s release is planned for February 2017. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised nearly $14,000 of its $24,400 target, with 26 days to go.


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