Bloodborne: The Card Game expansion due this year, Eric Lang reveals

08 February 2017
a91f3c96-174f-4577-9eea-a11656077a1a-85266._CB269370218_-85266.jpg Bloodborne: The Card Game
Add-on co-designed with Lanterns: The Harvest Festival creator Chris Chung

Bloodborne: The Card Game designer Eric Lang has announced that he is working on the first expansion for the video game spin-off.

Lang posted the news on Twitter, where he also revealed that Lanterns: The Harvest Festival creator Chris Chung would be collaborating on the project.

Further details remain scarce, with a release date currently planned for the final quarter of 2017.

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It’s also unclear whether the expansion will make its way over to the UK, where the core Bloodborne card game has been beset by ongoing licensing issues.

These resulted in the title being delayed by nearly three months compared to its US launch, finally arriving in the UK last week.

However, local distributor Esdevium later told us that the first print run of Bloodborne: The Card Game (which was sold out before it even made it to shelves) could be the only batch of copies to ever make it to the UK due to the continuing problems suffered by publisher CMON.

We’ll let you know if we hear any updates, but if you’re desperate to explore the gothic card game and its expansion, you might need to turn to importing.


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