Blood Rage on PC is looking suitably glorious

06 December 2018
blood-rage-digital-09545.jpg Blood Rage Digital
Virtual Vikings

Viking board game Blood Rage is setting sail for digital shores, and the first look at its upcoming PC version is very promising indeed.

The virtual adaptation of Eric Lang’s 2015 Norse smash hit is currently up on Kickstarter for a short week-long campaign to fund a PC and Mac release. Unsurprisingly given the near million dollars raised by the original game, the Blood Rage Digital campaign has already flown past its £39,000 target to more than £280,000 at the time of writing.

Blood Rage Digital is described as being a faithful port of the board game, including both a single-player mode with AI opponents and online multiplayer for up for four people as they fight – and die – for glory in Valhalla.

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The screenshots of the work-in-progress version of the game show Blood Rage’s miniatures impressively brought to life on a 3D map that includes a towering version of legendary tree Yggdrasil.

While Blood Rage Digital can be had for $15 alone – the final release is expected to launch for “almost twice that price” – the campaign also includes the chance to grab some of the physical goodies offered through the original Blood Rage Kickstarter.

The $60 bundle of exclusive Kickstarter promos includes new versions of four monsters only available through the previous campaign – Mountain Giantess, Garm, Seer Troll, Wolfwoman – but with brand new sculpts and artwork. The set also includes the Stag Clan and two dozen cards to add a fifth player to the board game.

Blood Rage Digital is planned for release next December, following a closed beta available to backers. The Kickstarter campaign runs until December 11th.


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