Blood Bowl’s towering troll miniature is ready to go long with a goblin next month

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28 March 2017
99120999002_BloodBowlTroll01-92915.jpg Blood Bowl troll
32mm figure priced at £15

As Games Workshop continues to bolsters its rather excellent reboot of fantasy football miniatures title Blood Bowl, the publisher has taken the blood-soaked wraps off its redesigned troll model.

Trolls are known as the towering muscle of the orc and goblin teams, tossing around their teammates – or eating them for a quick boost.

The remodelled Blood Bowl troll figure leans into the darkly amusing ability to throw goblins around the pitch, showing the troll winding up for a Hail Mary pass using an unfortunate greenskin (who is grasping the spiked football).

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There’s a nice bit of detail on the figure, including a bear trap on the troll’s foot and a human helmet as a knee pad – although the angle of its raised hand in the preview picture (as it takes aim) did give us pause for a second or two.

The 32mm multi-part plastic model will cost £15 when it’s released on April 1st.


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