Blade Runner 2049 board games are in the works

10 January 2017
br2049-28631.jpg Blade Runner 2049
Titles based on sequel to seminal 1982 sci-fi film planned for release in 2017

Do androids dream of tabletop games? If they did, they’d probably be blowing their circuits at the news that titles based on the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner are due out later this year.

That’s the big announcement from collectibles maker NECA, which revealed that it has acquired the licence to Blade Runner 2049, the direct follow-up to Ridley Scott’s influential 1982 sci-fi masterpiece starring Harrison Ford planned for release this October.

NECA said that it plans to create figures, die cast vehicles, replicas and games based on the movie. The film is being helmed by Arrival and Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve and stars Ryan Gosling and a returning Ford in a story set 30 years after the original.

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There’s a strong possibility that the games will be developed by Dice Masters, HeroClix and Attack Wing studio WizKids – which happens to be owned by NECA.

That’s just about all the details available for now, but NECA confirmed that it would release additional information at the New York Toy Fair in February. All of the games are slated for release during 2017.


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