Black Friday Board Game Deals Begin – from D&D to Big Potato and more

22 November 2021
A great way to pick up a new game in time for Christmas

It comes earlier every year, or later. We’re not entirely sure. Some Black Friday deals are already running, while others are yet to go live. Here’s our best shot at listing all of the ones we’ve spotted so far.

No longer just a Friday event, Black Friday sees a wealth of deals across all industries. Originally following American thanksgiving, this pre-christmas sale has become a staple here too, but given the explosion in popularity and the demands that it places, the deals are often spread throughout the week to minimise surges.

As deals come and go, it's worth double checking the prices when you go to purchase, and the item it includes, as these may have changed or expired. Similarly, it's worth noting we may receive a commission on purchases made through an affiliate service. Plus, if you've spied any bargains worthy of this list, drop us a tweet over at @tabletopmag


Humble RPG Bundle

Humble Bundle are at it again with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, Dungeon Crawl Classic, Bunnies and Burrows, adventures and ephemera all in one place. Paying £18.45 gets you 41 digital items – great for those who don’t mind adventuring from the screen.

Shop the Humble Bundle


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Zatu Games

As you’d expect, Zatu has some big-ish sales on – but hurry as they’re all timed! At the time of writing you can pick up The King’s Dilemma for £50, the Isle of Skye for £12 and a lot of Big Potato games for small prices. If one of those doesn’t work for your Christmas period parties, then we don’t know what will!

Zatu Flash Sales For Black Friday


Amazon Black Friday Board Game Sale

Naturally, we couldn't do this list without Amazon. The online retailing giant is offering Pandemic for £24, Horrified for £29 and even deep sea adventures for just under a tenner. 

Shop Amazon Black Friday Deals Here

Portal Games

Portal’s European store is offering big discounts on some of your favourite games. You can pick up Pret-a-Porter for €30 or Detective: Season One for €15. Naturally we’ll have shipping costs to add on, but the deals are good.

Shop Black Week with Portal Games


Exalted Funeral 

A retailer of the good indie RPG stuff, and the runner of cool Kickstarters is offering 30% store wide with daily discounts and limited offerings. If you’ve been hankering for a weird RPG to get to your table (digital or physical) Exalted Funeral is the place to be this Friday. They ship internationally, but US customers will likely get their items sooner.

Exalted Funeral Deals


Igloo Tree

Taking on the stock from other indie RPG purveyors, Igloo Tree has a load of roleplaying games in stock, now with 10% off (calculated at checkout). UK based and super friendly, you can get this deal until Sunday 28th. A great place to pick up A Thousand Thousand Islands, if you want to know what all the fuss about that Kickstarter was about.

UK-based Indie RPG Sale

Melsonia Arts Council

30% off Trokia – get the physical version for a handful of change over £15. Excellent to prep ahead of Down In Yongardy.

Melsonia Arts Council Black Friday Deals

1985 Games

Purveyor of very useful roleplaying game things, 1985 games is offering free shipping on orders over $65. Maps, reference and story cards, and even digital products for Roll20 – they’ve got plenty that will work with your favourite setting. Get 10% of when you sign up to the newsletter too. Plus, there’s a good set of bundles available – ideal for a gift for a GM.

1985 Games Deals






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