Black Friday 2019: the best board game, card game, miniatures and RPG deals!

26 November 2019
A growing round up of the top Black Friday offers across the web

You’d be forgiven for thinking every day this week is Black Friday. Many sales have kicked off across the internet and in store on Friday last week. 

To help you navigate what’s out there amongst the offers we’ve rounded up some of the best offers from retailers and publishers in the world of board games, war games, miniatures and roleplaying games.

We’ve also got a few deals of our own to shout about, including 35% off an annual digital subscription to Tabletop Gaming, back issues for a mere £3.33 (that’s three issues missing from your collection for less than a tenner!), and 30% off adult tickets to Tabletop Gaming Live! (Although that last one goes live on the 28th!)

There’s hundreds of deals on games going on right now, read for you to swoop in with your wallet and hearts open. 

If we’ve missed something, let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we'll get it added to the list.

Tabletop Gaming & Miniature Wargames

Get 35% off an annual digital subscription to Tabletop Gaming (Psst! Subscribe to the digital edition of Tabletop Gaming before 6 December to receive a free copy of The Best Games of 2019, worth £9.99!)

Also get 35% off Miniature Wargames annual digital subscription.

And fill gaps in your TTG or MWG collections with back issues, now only £3.33 each! Get Tabletop Gaming Back Issues here or Miniature Wargames Back Issues here.


Tabletop and Miniatures Black Friday Deals


Amazon UK

Of course, Black Friday wouldn't be what it is without Amazon. Here's a few new and classic games we've spotted for money off. 


Board and Dice

This retailer is doing something a bit different this Black Friday, with some new releases being 50% during certain "happy hours" throughout the day. Get in there quick though as some games only have 20 copies available.

Visit Board and Dice's Black Friday Happy Hours


Big Orbit Cards

Looking to top up your card collections this weekend? Big Orbit Cards are offering up to 70% off any in-stock single cards for the likes of Magic The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game and You-Gi-Oh! This sale doesn’t apply to the very newest releases, but it’s still great for plugging gaps in your collections.

Shop the Big Orbit Cards sale here


Brother Vinni

Get 40% off everything at Brother Vinni. Just use the code: friday2019. This includes anything from vikings to not-Star Wars miniatures!

Save on Brother Vinni miniatures this Black Friday


Corvus Belli

Now is a great time to get into Corvus Belli Infinity – with Black Friday bundles and savings to be had across the range of miniatures. Some sets are 40% while others offer a free bundled "Jeanne D'Arc 2.0" minature, which is an exclusive promo.

Dive into the Corvus Belli Black Friday sale here


Firelock Games

For those exciting about the upcoming Oak & Iron game and associated accessories, then use this code: blackflagfriday2019 at checkout to get 20% off.

Firelock Games Black Friday Offers


Kingdom Death: Monster

For plastic nightmare investors, there's few more appealing games than Kingdom Death: Monster. And now you can make a huge saving on this huge box. Save $75 on the main box and 50% off individual figures. 

Monster Black Friday Deals in the Kingdom Death Sale


Mantic Games

Running until December 2nd Mantic are offering massive sales across the range. Walking Dead and Call to Arms are up to 50% off. There’s also huge boxes to fill up your boards with scenery  with the Terrain Crate and huge hordes with random boxes of 50 zombies

Make the most of Mantic’s Black Friday sale here



Get core rule books half price with the Modiphius Black Friday sale! The perfect time to get into a new RPG – whether that's Conan, Star Trek or Vampire: Masquerade

50% off at Modiphius today

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Get 30% off the range from Plastcraft, including EXO: Mankind Reborn and scenery. While many people complain about trying to survive with their family over Thanksgiving in the US, you can simulate that feeling by trying to survive in EXO. Just use the code: BLACK30

Get Black Friday Deals at Plastcraft


Privateer Press

Enjoy Black Flag Friday with Privateer Press – offering increasing discounts as you spend. On top of this there is a huge Warmachines/Hoards mystery box on offer. Whats in the box? War. Loads of it.

Enjoy Black Flag Friday here


Renegade Game Studios

This US studio is offering up to 40% off its games, including Gunkimono (reviewed here) – it might be time to pick up a copy if you missed out on the honour management tile placement game!

Renegade Games Black Friday sale


River Horse

Roleplaying and miniatures saving to be had at Riverhorse this Black Friday week with Terminator Genisys miniatures using some kind of time travel to remove inflation and therefore off you 50% off. For those hunting for a nostalgia kick the Dark Crystal Board GameLabyrinth Board Game and My Little Pony Tails of Equestria RPG books are all on big offers.

Trot off to Riverhorse to make away with a great Black Friday deals


Steamforged Games

The creators of Guild Ball have a big sale on their main lines including the Dark Souls and Resident Evil games. For those looking for something for their tabletop RPG, there's sets of Critical Role miniatures to be snapped up.

Full Steamforged ahead for Black Friday deals


Test of Honour

Samurai miniatures game Test of Honour has money off many of their miniatures including scout groups and a huge warring clans deal that includes all the figures in the range. 

Test the honour of these Black Friday discounts 


Warlord Games

Big savings of minis to be had with the Warlord 2019 Black Friday sale. Take to the skies with 33% off Blood Red Skies man the decks with 33% off Cruel SeasPike and Shotte offers 25% off, meaning quartermasters can save a quarter! More offers are being added every day, including plastic vehicles!

See Warlord Black Friday offers here


Wayland Games

The gaming store is offering up to 80% off some games throughout the week with at least 20% off almost everything else in the sale. Those biggest savings can be found on tons of miniatures and rulebooks including ShadowSeaMalifaux and Star Wars X-Wing.

Shop  Black Friday deals at Wayland Games here


Weta Workshop

The makers of the District 9 board game offer a sale on a whole load of their latest wares – including 40% off many of their games. If you’re also looking for collectable figurines of The Dark Crystal, Apex Legends, and Ghostbusters you might as well get them from people involved in many of these projects!

Get Weta Workshop Black Friday deals


Worthington Publishing

US publisher of historical gaming Worthington is offering money off all of their major historical games. Some games are running out already, so now is a great time to snap up the last of their stock.

Shop the Worthington Publishing Black Friday sale


Battle Foam

Look after your miniatures with extremely comfortable looking Battle Foam. They’re offering between 10% and 60% off the entire range including all their new stuff. It might be niche, but I’m sure a few armies out there would appreciate softer housing.

Take advantage of Battle Foam UK Black Friday Deals here


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