Black Friday 2016 tabletop gaming deals: Our round-up of the best UK sales

25 November 2016
black-friday-19918.jpg Some of the deals available
Amazon, Chaos Cards, Wayland, Mantic, Deep Cut and Tabletop Gaming itself among firms slashing prices

Black Friday is upon us, bringing with it your chance to score some of 2016’s biggest games and accessories for cut-rate prices.

Luckily, unlike fighting for a 4K TV or iPad in the aisles of Tesco, many of the UK’s best tabletop deals can be hunted out online – and we’ve pulled together some of the sales we’ve spotted to help guide your wallet to the right destination.

The deals below are sorted alphabetically, and might change or become unavailable as the day goes on – if you spot a deal we’ve missed or find that one of those below has gone, let us know: [email protected].

Amazon: You’ll have to hunt through the retailer’s combined Toys & Games section to dig out the tabletop deals – and some will be time and stock-limited – but we’ve already spied Exploding Kittens down to £14 from £20 and Mission to Mars 2049 20% off to £28. We’re very sad to report that you’ve already missed the deal for KISS Monopoly, though.

Chaos Cards: The online retailer is taking its own unique approach to Black Friday with the Johnny Cash-inspired A Sale Named Sue (although their own homepage shows popular kids hand puppets Sooty and Sue).

More than 60 products, including Pokemon cards, the X-Wing Miniatures Game, Spyfall, Magic: The Gathering and Infinity – Operation Red Veil are down by up to a staggering 94%.

Of particular note is Mansions of Madness’ second edition, down from £92.99 to under £60; the acclaimed Pandemic Legacy, which has dropped from £54.99 to £38; the new Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails, which has been reduced by over a third to £43; and the similarly recent spin-off Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu which is also down by a third to £32.

Deep Cut Studio: The accessories firm has dropped the price of all of its game mats, reducing some by up to 50%. There’s limited quantities and flat rate EU shipping. The sale will last until Monday November 28th.

Leodis Games: The lesser-known online retailer is offering an extra 10% off all of its products, on top of a 20% discount offer currently running on games including Malifaux, Infinity, Batman and Marvel – meaning there's almost a third off in total. Use the code 'FRIDAY' to access the deals. If you spend over £40, postage is free.

Mantic: The publisher of miniatures titles including Dreadball, Kings of War, Deadzone and The Walking Dead is following the example of Amazon by running limited-time deals alongside all-day sales.

Some of the timed deals will include a Lower Abyssal Horde worth £29.99 on sale for £17.99, a Grubatek Coliseum Deluxe Dreadball pitch for £9.99 (half price from £19.99).

Meanwhile, all day reductions confirmed will include Karrathor the Unbroken for Dungeon Saga’s Tyrant of Halpi expansion for £14.99, Dreadball Xtreme for £24.99 and Dungeon Saga: Warlord of Galahir on offer at £19.99.

Mantic has also launched another Crazy Box, which comes in fantasy and sci-fi variants. Guaranteed to include at least £50 worth of Mantic goods, the boxes are £24.99 – with half of them also include extra special items. You can secure one of the bonus boxes by paying £49.99. Stock will be limited.

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Modiphius: The publisher has a number of offer codes which will cut the price of some of its RPG ranges by 30%, including Achtung! Cthulhu and Mutant Chronicles. The codes are as follows:

A!C30 - Achtung! Cthulhu

MC30 - Mutant Chronicles

MYZ30 - Mutant: Year Zero & Mutant: GenLab Alpha

Sym30 - Symbaroum

FE30 - Fragged Empire

MJ30 - Mindjammer

Elsewhere, other RPG products are down by up to 50%, with a special Thunderbirds bundle for £39.99 and the Airfix Introductory wargame down by more than 40% to £14.99.

Steam: Tabletop Simulator is currently half price, down to £7.49 from £15. If you decide you're the generous type, the bundled four pack is also 50% off for £22.49.

Tabletop Gaming: Yes, we have our own special offers on! You can currently nab an annual subscription to the digital edition magazine on Pocket Mags for just £13.99 – down from £19.99 – until Monday November 28th.

To allow you to catch up, we’re also offering all of our digital back issues for 99p until the end of the year through your browser, with the deal ending on December 31st.

Wayland Games: The miniatures outlet is offering from 30% to 80% off games and accessory ranges including Magic: The Gathering, Malifaux, Warhammer 40,000 and HeroClix. There’s free shipping on orders over £30 and the chance for a bonus 5% off on some products. One of the games in the sale is the new expansion to Betrayal at House on the Hill, Widow’s Walk, which has been reduced by 25% to £17.99.

Have we missed any UK deals worth sharing? Let us know by emailing [email protected] and we’ll keep this article updated throughout the day.


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