Big Red Button adds Emerikan Civil War 2016 expansion – starring Dernhardt D. Drunt

04 October 2016
static1.squarespace-38739.jpg The expansion is free to print and play
Free add-on for Cold War-set strategy game also parodies Hillary Clinton with Malory Rodman

Strange But True Games has released a timely free add-on to its Cold War strategy game Big Red Button that parodies the presidential candidates in this year’s American election.

Big Red Button normally sees three to five players take on the role of nations during the Cold War at the time that the doomsday clock strikes midnight – competing to build up their nation without sparking nuclear war and causing mutually assured destruction.

The Emerikan Civil War 2016 expansion brings the standoff to a more contemporary time, as Donald Trump allegory Dernhardt D. Drunt leads The Outsiders, who are attempting to take control of the current government.

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“Outsiders are the unheard majority, willing to do or say whatever it takes to make sure their lives matter and their point is made, no matter what the facts are,” the Outsiders play mat reads, referencing Trump’s penchant for making controversial statements.

Meanwhile, the player mat for Hillary Clinton stand-in, former Secretary Malory Rodman, reads: “Establishment politicians are looking out for the people, so long as that’s what you want, “you” being a private citizen or a private corporation.”

Both new mats can be downloaded in print-and-play forms from the Big Red Button website, which notes that the player count remains at three to five, despite the additional mats.


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