Betrayal at House on the Hill meets Saw in gory horror game Grind House

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22 October 2018
grind-house-55607.jpg Grind House
Do you want to play a game?

An upcoming horror game will cost you an arm and a leg to play – literally.

Grind House is described as being a ‘horror narrative board game’ from Everything Epic, the studio behind the tabletop spin-offs of ‘80s movies Rambo and Big Trouble in Little China, as well as intense horror game Coma Ward.

In a premise that sounds like a mash-up of the haunted mansion exploration of B-movie board game Betrayal at House on the Hill with the sadistic challenges of bloody film franchise Saw, Grind House begins with a mysterious villain known only as The Host trapping two to six people in a former slaughterhouse (of course) and pulling them into a ‘game’ to survive.

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In a similar but different note to Betrayal’s hidden traitor, each character has a secret motive and objective, but these can be both to the benefit or detriment of the group – the doctor may be trying to keep everyone alive, for example, while the psychopath is attempting to do exactly the opposite.

Completing Grind House’s gory concept are the ways in which characters can end up increasingly injured as they progress through the game’s five randomised rooms – including the risk of losing limbs, morbidly depicted by players’ character boards, which are altered to show the various amputations and wounds possible.

Even so, there’s a limit to how much the characters can suffer, and they can eventually die. Deceased players return as ghosts to haunt the remaining living as they try to survive all five challenges and achieve the best score they can at the end of their ordeal.

Everything Epic has announced that Grind House will be coming to Kickstarter ‘this Halloween’, so expect a campaign to go live on or around October 31st.


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