Battlefront updates desert terrain and rolls out new gaming mat for Flames of War

20 January 2017
BB951b-17972.png Flames of War
Battlefield in a Box range of pre-painted scenery refreshed ahead of fourth edition launch

Battlefront Miniatures has refreshed its Battlefield in a Box line of desert terrain for WWII miniatures title Flames of War ahead of the launch of its fourth edition.

Joining the range of ready-to-play scenery are sets of desert palms, dunes, escarpments, buildings, walls, scrubs and an oasis, all of which come pre-painted.

Providing the background to the pieces is a new double-sided gaming mat, with a grass environment on one side and the classic desert sands on the other.

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The 120x180cm mat is made from neoprene and is proposed as a suitable setting for campaigns taking place in North Africa and the Russia Steppe.

Flames of War’s fourth edition is planned for release in March of this year, including a new rulebook, new plastic models and a pair of books that allow the set to be used with early, mid- and late World War II campaigns.


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