Battlefront Miniatures opens pre-orders for Flames of War’s mid-WWII fourth edition

03 February 2017
FOW_MW_4E-60606.jpg Flames of War: Fourth Edition
New rulebook focuses on 1942 to 1943 period, with free volumes providing updates to early- and late-war rulesets

Flames of War publisher Battlefront Miniatures has opened pre-orders for the upcoming fourth edition of the World War II wargame.

Flames of War: Fourth Edition focuses on the 1942 to 1943 period of the conflict. Battlefront is giving away free print copies of the 108-page rulebook required for battles set between 1939 and 1941 and 1944 and 1945, as well as a free physical 64-page volume covering special rules and warriors.

This means that existing Flames of War troops and armies can be used with the updated ruleset – to get the free books, take your version three rulebook to your local hobby shop and get a sticker.

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The mid-war Flames of War: Fourth Edition rulebook costs $25 (£20) on Battlefront’s online store and comprises 120 A4-sized pages between hardback covers. The volume is due for release in early March.

As part of the newly available range, you can also pre-order the mid-war range of accessories, including a gaming mat, terrain, paint sets and tokens, as well as upcoming miniatures – such as Monty’s Desert Rats, Rommel’s Akfrika Korps, the Honey Armoured Troop and the Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon.

The fourth edition range is due for staggered release between late February and June.


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