Battle Valor turns its 15mm minis into a full wargame with Battle Valor Fantasy

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23 September 2016
7a3a0096fe9ca8fc19f22f955b6629ba_original-80958.jpg A selection of minis
Tabletop title takes place in the world of Legian and has been in development for a year
Battle Valor turns its 15mm minis into a full wargame with Battle Valor Fantasy Images

Having started releasing its range of 15mm miniatures in February, Battle Valor Games is now transforming the figures into a proper wargame with a cohesive universe, ruleset and campaigns.

The company is looking for $10,000 on Kickstarter to make Battle Valor Fantasy (yes, the similarity in names gets us confused, too) a reality. At the time of writing, it has collected just over a third of its target with 25 days left to go.

Fantasy, which is planned for an August release next year, is said to be the first of “hopefully many games produced by Battle Valor Games”.

According to Battle Valor (the firm), Fantasy is set in the fictional world of Legian and makes use of the company’s metal and resin 15mm minis for battles.

Battle Valor (the company) adds: “The game is set in a fantasy wold, but the rules lend a very historical feel to the game. There is magic, but it is designed to support your army, and is not overbearing or silly.”

The ruleset for the game has apparently been in development for around a year, with playtesting taking up at least seven months of that time. The basic rules are freely available as a PDF.

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Similar to many other miniature titles and wargames, players issue commands to their units at the start of a turn and then activate them in sequence.

Player armies are built using a designed points system, covering the addition of armour, weapons, mounts and four different experience levels: levy, regular, veteran and elite. Unit abilities can be boosted by their proximity to a general.

Interesting, armies can seemingly be built up using figures and characters from a variety of races, with the miniatures themselves being suggested to support easy mix-and-match construction for a greater variety in look.

32 armies are ultimately planned for release, covering “all the traditional fantasy armies plus about a dozen different human armies”. Seven armies have already been released by Battle Valor (the company) through its existing range of miniatures, with four already planned.

The rulebook for Battle Valor Fantasy (the game) is expected to retail for approximately $50, with infantry and cavalry packs priced at $23 apiece.


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