Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum welcomes The Suicide Squad | SPONSORED POST

28 August 2021
Peacemaker and King Shark have already been shown, but more characters of the James Gunn’s movie are yet to be released.
Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum welcomes The Suicide Squad | SPONSORED POST Images

Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, the semi-cooperative dungeon crawl for 1 to 5 players that will be launched on Kickstarter this next Fall by Knight Games, has a wild addition: The Suicide Squad.


Following the release of James Gunn’s movie, the board game has decided to add the film characters to the game in the form of skins --different versions of the same model. This is part of the ambition of the company to make “the biggest Batman project ever done on Kickstarter”.


These realistic 35mm miniatures will go with the main characters of the game: the Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and the Penguin. And many more are yet to come: “Honestly, we want to develop a huge collection”, according to the company.


King Shark and Peacemaker have been the only miniatures shown at this moment. “Designing these characters has been a really funny experience for us. We hope the backers enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy creating them”, the sculpting team of the company has said.

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Knight Games has asked its community which members of The Suicide Squad would they like to be in the game. At the moment, Amanda Waller, Ratcacher, Polkadot Man or Deathstroke are among the most popular ones.


We will have to wait until Fall to know the full details of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, when the Kickstarter campaign will begin.




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