Baron Voodoo Invites You To Collect Souls...

20 August 2020
Are you ready?

Lucky Duck Games, who you may recognise from Chronicles of Crime, or Tang Garden, have announced the latest game to publish, named Baron Voodoo, coming in October 2020 (just in time for Halloween!). 

The game was originally published in French by Yoka Tsume. Designed by Yann Dentil, this version features abstract artwork from Christine Alcouffe. It's an easily replayable strategy game, for 2-4 players aged 10 and over, and will take around 45 minutes to play. 

“My dear Baron, how about we replace you tonight?” proposed Erzulie Freda. “This would allow you to enjoy the celebrations without being disturbed by calling for souls for once...”. “I am in a cheerful mood today, so be it!” replied Baron Samedi. “The one amongst you who guides the most souls to my kingdom tonight shall take my seat, for one whole year! My dearest Loas, let the challenge begin!”



With this premise, you'll play as a Loa, a voodoo god seeking to become the new god of death by collecting the most souls. There a different Loa to play as, with different special abilities, which will require you to play strategically to maximise your advantage. 

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Souls themselves are represented by combinations of dice, so for those among us who are fans of a custom dice, this one provides 48 soul dice as part of the game. These were rolled and placed on a 7x7 grid, which means it will vary every time you play. Moving, stacking, and capturing dice leads you to collect sets of colours and icons, which contribute to the number of souls you manage to collect. 

The game looks to be colourful and fun, and additional rules are provided to increase the competitive aspect, should it suit.

There's no pre-order option just yet, but you can see more about the game and keep an eye for the option over on the Lucky Duck site





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