Barnes & Noble’s second Tabletop Gaming Meet Up is this weekend

12 October 2016
bn2-38014.jpg The first Tabletop Gaming Meet Up was this April
Promo cards for games up for grabs at nearly all 640 stores

American friends, this weekend is your chance to get together and play board games at your local bookshop.

Retail chain Barnes & Noble is hosting its second Tabletop Gaming Meet Up, following the debut event this past April.

The games night kicks off at 7pm this Saturday, October 15th, in nearly all of Barnes & Noble’s 640 nationwide outlets.

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Among the games available to play in-store will be Red Flags, Onitama, Warehouse 51, World’s Fair 1893, Boss Monster and Kitty Paw.

Those who take part in the games will have the chance to compete for promo cards for all of the games except Warehouse 51, with other prizes teased on a store-by-store basis.

While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of the magazine!


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