Aye, Dark Overlord getting reprint and expansion

16 September 2016
st11_box_left-18077.png The Green Box
Red Box version will feature updated version of 2005 party game, while Green Box will add new cards and mechanics
Aye, Dark Overlord getting reprint and expansion Images

Aye, Dark Overlord, the rumours are true: Asmodee’s evil-doing (or more accurately evil-failing) party game is getting a re-release AND a new expansion.

First released just over a decade ago in 2005, Aye, Dark Overlord is a lightweight title for four to seven players that puts (most of) them in the shoes of blundering evil minions under the employ of the titular ruler.

It’s more of a game of who is the least incompetent than it is one of who is the best at their job – players must take it in turns to explain their latest failure to commit evil and attempt to throw their fellow underlings under the bus. One player takes on the role of the Overlord, judging who deserves a Withering Look card – three of which can ultimately lead to their demise.

Aye, Dark Overlord is returning in two different versions – the Red Box and the Green Box.

The Red Box is essentially the original game, reproduced and reprinted as it appeared back in 2005. (Where has the time gone?)

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The Green Box is an expansion for the game, adding new Hint cards and actions, including thoroughly pleasant-sound party guests, such as The Beast from the Labyrinth, The Jar with a Thousand Demons and – perhaps the most evil being in the universe – Impossible Math Calculations.

There's no word on price or date yet – we'll keep our (evil) eyes peeled.

Update: It seems that the Red and Green boxes are actually both starter packs for the game, with publisher Pendragon Game Studio confirming that the expansion no longer exists as a separate product.


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