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16 November 2021
- and ready to party!

You may remember Avocado Smash, the smash-hit snap card game, from Ridley’s Games. It’s now been three long years since it hit shelves, but now it’s back – and ready to party! Avo’ go at this even more smashing jumbo Party Edition that’s packed with lots more cards and fresh rules.


When we first launched Avocado Smash, we were often asked “Where’s the Avocado Toast?” Well, you ordered it, and so we’ve now served up an even brunchier take on the original by adding Avocado Toast tokens and delicious toppings to the gameplay!


You’ll still be doing lots of smashing, but now each time a player correctly smashes on a card that features toppings, they get to add that tasty topping (like a fried egg or tomato) to their Avocado Toast token. The goal is to have the most toppings on your Avocado Toast when the game ends!




There’s also a new You’re Toast card that you must watch out for! When played, everyone must shout ‘You’re Toast’, with the last person to shout being the loser, and needs to give up one of their toppings (if they have any) to the player who shouted first. If a player mistakenly smash the You’re Toast card, then they’re the loser for that round and must take the pile of discarded cards!


And of course the game comes in an extra-large avocado container wearing a fun party hat! The perfect addition to your games shelf after you’re done playing.

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This is a great light filler game to play to get the group loosened up before you dive into your favourite tabletop game, or to play during a break in the middle of a long one. It’s also perfect for avocado lovers and families, suitable for ages 6+, 2 to 8 players and has an average of 20 minutes gameplay.


And if you’re too lazy to read the instructions, we have our amazing how-to-play video ready to save the day!



The game is available now, and hurry, the first 60 orders of the game will also get an Avocado Smash Party Edition enamel pin!*


Shop now!


*Valid one pin per order. US only. Pin arrives separately, once receipt/proof of purchase of the game from listed online sellers is submitted via landing page.


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