a|state RPG Second Edition is Coming Next Week – Watch the Exclusive Trailer here!

20 July 2021
Step inside a baroque urban nightmare, invites Handiwork Games in their newest Kickstarter.

Back in 2004, a|state was released, as part of a new wave scene of cult British Indie RPGs, regarded for being complex, rich and legitimately scary. An RPG for adults, it reared its head once more in an exciting teaser trailer released by Handiwork Games back in December 2019, where the first confirmation came of a new realigned, and updated a|state. The studio is known for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, as well as having an impressive set of credentials in the history of its designers. 

That excitement is back, with an exclusive to Tabletop Gaming brand new trailer released, ahead of its Kickstarter campaign:


"Under gas lamps and flickering electrics, the Provosts pull a body from a canal, a ceramic blade jammed in its chest. You know the truth: this wasn’t a robbery gone wrong. In a distant office, a red line was drawn across a map, and now your home is in danger. 

This is the story of how you fight back."

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For those unfamiliar with a|state, it's a dystopian corner of The City that you're calling home, in a hopeless environment. Based on the Forged in the Dark system, you'll fight off threats to your canalside home, trying to make it safer and better. 

Descriptions show that you'll be creating Troublemakers – will you be the deft and deadly Ghostfighter? Will you be the caring and curious Lostfinder? A persuasive and passionate Activist? The striking and stealthy sneakthief? Or something else? Use these to defend yourself from authorities, gangs, industries, and the spiralling consequences of your own actions...




 It will launch on Tuesday 27th July 2021, at 5pm.


Forged in the Dark... such a brilliant system. Very much looking forwards to any and everything in this system at the moment.

Posted by Peter Holland on Wed 21 Jul 06:19:59