Asmodee signs up chaotic crowdfunded card game Kharnage

01 December 2016
pic2915197-85299.jpg Kharnage's box art
Devil Pig’s frantic scrap over a tiny hill raised £143,000 in April

Kharnage, the card game by Heroes of Normandie and Shadows over Normandie studio Devil Pig, has found a new home.

Asmodee has signed up the US distribution rights to the game, which pits two to four players against each other in a violent brawl to become king of a tiny hill.

Controlling armies of dwarves, orcs, goblins or humans, players resolve battles via simple attack-defence sums, earning bonuses by wiping out opposing troops.

The ultimate aim – as the name suggests – is to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible, utilising reinforcements and special powers to gain an advantage over your rivals.

After four turns, players count up their points and gain extra VP by destroying the most armies. The most points wins.

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174 cards and 32 tokens come in the box, which will cost $35 (£28) in the States.

Kharnage raised just shy of €169,000 (£143,000) on Kickstarter back in April, and should arrive in shops at the start of 2017.

Details of a UK release were not announced, but hopefully shouldn’t be too long afterwards.


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