Arcadia Quest heads to the stars in – what else – Starcadia Quest

26 July 2018
starcadia-quest-60969.png Starcadia Quest
Another missed opportunity for a Galaxy Quest game

Dice-chucking dungeon-crawler Arcadia Quest is heading in a new direction with a sci-fi spin-off. And we’d wager good money you’d be able to guess its name.

That’s right, Starcadia Quest plans to relocate the chibi-filled fantasy adventure to space, with players taking control of a crew of two space travellers trying to defeat Darth Vader-a-like Supreme Commander Thorne.

As in Arcadia Quests past, the players must keep Thorne’s forces of evil at bay, but must also contend with each other as they compete for the most points.

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Multiple scenarios can be linked together in a branching campaign, with players’ decisions having consequences later on in a playthrough.

Eric Lang, speaking at Dice Tower Con, confirmed that Starcadia Quest will be semi-compatible with the base game of Arcadia Quest, but didn’t go into details as to how that will work or which specific elements will cross over between the standalone games.

Starcadia Quest will land on Kickstarter on August 28th.


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