Arboretum gets updated, colourblind-friendly artwork in new edition out this autumn

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30 April 2018
static1.squarespace-29359.png Arboretum
Dan Cassar’s quick card game originally released in 2015

Green-fingered card game Arboretum is being updated with a new edition that will introduce revamped artwork and support for colourblind players.

First released in 2015, Dan Cassar’s quick-playing game involves two to four people collecting cards and gradually laying down sets to create garden paths for visitors to their arboretum.

The cards come in ten different colours and are numbered from one to eight – when the deck runs out, players score based on the cards that remain in their hands and the paths of cards they’ve managed to create.

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The new edition from Renegade Game Studios overhauls the naturalistic card artwork with fresh visuals from Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Viticulture and Between Two Cities illustrator Beth Sobel, which sticks to the original’s use of trees but makes some changes to make the cards easier to identify for colourblind players.

The rules themselves remained unchanged, so a match will still wrap up in around half an hour or so.

The new Arboretum will be released this autumn and cost $20 in the US, so expect its UK price to land around the £15 mark.


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