April’s issue of Tabletop Gaming is out TODAY! With Dark Souls, UK Games Expo preview, Blood Bowl vs Guild Ball and more!

06 April 2017
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We go Inside the Secret Board Game Maker, take a look at Warlord Games' Doctor Who and 2000 AD titles, examine How Board Games Conquered Kickstarter and much, much more
April’s issue of Tabletop Gaming is out TODAY! With Dark Souls, UK Games Expo preview, Blood Bowl vs Guild Ball and more! Images

The latest issue of the UK’s best tabletop magazine is now available for you to dive into – and this issue is a real treat, we must say.

Just for starters, we’ve got a huge exclusive cover interview with Steamforged, chatting about the UK publisher’s path to multi-million-pound Kickstarter success with video game spin-off Dark Souls: The Board Game, which releases later this month.

Speaking of Steamforged, we also pit the company’s fantasy football newcomer against Games Workshop’s beloved tabletop veteran in our Guild Ball vs Blood Bowl showdown, where we crown the ultimate miniatures sports title.

Whether you’re headed to UK Games Expo in June or not, our bumper preview of the UK’s biggest tabletop show is a must-read. We round up all of the games at the convention that you should be sticking on your wishlist for 2017.

The British bonanza continues in our chat with Warlord Games, the miniatures maker working on games set in two of the UK’s most iconic sci-fi universes – Doctor Who and 2000 AD, the comic book home of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog.

We also take a trip to Panda Game Manufacturing, the Secret Board Game Maker responsible for bringing to life some of the biggest tabletop hits of the last 10 years, including Pandemic, Scythe, Terra Mystica and Mechs vs Minions – to name but a handful.

Tying in with Dark Souls’ release after becoming the biggest board game to grace Kickstarter at the time of its campaign (it was later toppled by Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5), we speak with the crowdfunding platform and some of the creators who have turned their ideas into million-dollar realities.

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There’s almost too much to list! Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the other great exclusive interviews and features happening in April’s mag: an interview with Restoration Games as it prepares to bring back forgotten tabletop treasures from decades past; a chat with designer Nicola Iannone about Medioevo Universalis, the board game that’s taken his lifetime to make; The Resistance and Avalon creator Don Eskridge prepares to Abandon Planet with his latest social deduction game; and acclaimed designersReiner Knizia and Martin Wallace choose their first and favourite games, respectively.

We also round up some of the best short-time games to play in a lunchtime, and our latest painting guide heads to a galaxy far, far away with advice on decorating Star Wars: Rebellion.

Plus, on the RPG side, there’s a deep dive into the making of seminal Lovecraftian RPG Call of Cthulhu and the next in our ongoing Dungeon Master’s Guide to RPGs tips column.

That’s not to mention the usual healthy selection of reviews and interviews – this issue you can read our thoughts on Mechs vs Minions, Aeon’s End, Doom, the My Little Pony RPG Tails of Equestria, Jump Drive, Power Grid: The Card Game, Cottage Garden, Bloodborne: The Card Game, UK subscription box Board Game Crate and more, plus looks at the latest accessories and books from the world of tabletop.

In short, there’s never been a better time to be playing tabletop games – and there’s never been a better time to read about it, either!

Grab your copy of Tabletop Gaming issue 9 here today – and don't forget to subscribe to make sure you never miss another issue!


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