Anime miniatures skirmish game Relic Knights returns with revamped second edition

28 February 2017
99043d3a74e8deb9d4503aa89875106a_original-81589.png Relic Knights
Two-week Kickstarter for title has already doubled its $50,000 target

Anime-flavoured minis title Relic Knights is back for a revised second edition, taking to Kickstarter for a breezy two-week campaign.

Soda Pop Miniatures’ wargame hands players control of a knight and their warrior companions, and features a combat system that utilises cards in the place of dice.

Relic Knights: Second Edition will revamp the original game’s rulebook, as well as offering resculpted existing figures and completely new additions to the roster of 30mm characters.

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Soda Pop has put together a new two-player starter set for newcomers including armies, rules and a terrain, and also has plans to release the first expansion for the game, Void Break, which adds four units to each faction and two new knights, plus the first avatar unit type.

The Kickstarter has already more than doubled its $50,000 (£40,000) goal just one day into its run, with two weeks left on the clock. $70 (£56) (plus shipping) will get you the starter box, which is due out next February.


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